Your Actions While Off-Duty Could Affect Your Job

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
I want to make mention of off-duty activities as it relates to our employment.  For many if not all of us, the health and safety of our families is of utmost importance.  We want financial security for ourselves and our family so that we can have a decent standard of living to be able to afford quality healthcare, education, recreation and those sorts of things.  Maintaining employment is the process by which we provide that to our families, so when we say that our family comes first, we are in essence saying that our employment comes first, because in order to have these things in our life, we need money, and that's were employment comes in.
Our off-duty activities can have a negative effect on our job.  Please remember to use social media platforms carefully.  I strongly urge you not to enter your employer into this picture...once you do, it can only attract attention and concern which will do you no good.  Do not identify yourself as an employee when giving political opinions, religious issues, and the like; do not disparage the Company, management, or your coworkers on social media.  Do not say anything that suggests that you are speaking on behalf of the employer.  Once you do so, you open the door to scrutiny and adverse effects on your employment.  Yes, you have the right to free speech, but employers also have the right to address employee behavior that specifically affects them.  Don't put yourself and your family in financial jeopardy by falling into that trap-listing your place of employment is fine, but keep the rest of it out of the public arena.
On that same note, keep in mind that many of us are required to possess a driver's license for our jobs.  Off duty conduct that causes a license suspension will not go in your favor.  You are free to do what you want on your own time, just remember that poor decisions may not just affect you in your personal life but also your work life if they lead to a limitation or inability to do your job.

Please remember to follow all health and safety protocols as we continue to deal with the pandemic.  We have had some great weather this summer, I hope you were able to get out and enjoy it!