IBEW Convention recap

Monday, October 3, 2016

I recently attended the 39th IBEW International Convention in St. Louis, honoring our 125-year history and laying the foundation for our future on behalf of Local 36. Although we may be a small local, with only one delegate, this democratic enterprise allowed my voice and the voice of our local to be heard throughout the IBEW.

As IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson struck his gavel on Sept. 19 convening the opening of our Convention, it symbolized the most important gathering of the IBEW and fulfills the mandate in our Constitution to choose our leaders, set and confirm our policies and renew the values at the heart of the world's greatest union.   
The 39th International Convention was also a homecoming, a time to look back to our founding here in 1891. I, along with delegates from throughout the IBEW visited the birthplace of our union, going to the boarding house where our first President, Henry Miller, started our union. We celebrate the history of our union and respect the sacrifice made by our founding fathers. We honored them by putting forth resolutions that ensure the future and continued success of our union.
The members of IBEW Local 36 selected me to serve as delegate to the Convention and I considered it an honor and awesome responsibility. This year, our convention convened with new leadership, a crucial election in the fall and unprecedented economic challenges and opportunities for organized labor. I strove to represent you with dignity and respect and cast my votes in your best interest as we addressed the business of the 39th International Convention.  Below you will find a recap of the work that was done at the convention and a look at what really goes on at a union convention.
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