June Meeting Canceled

Thursday, June 4, 2020
As we continue to wade through these difficult times, we are again forced to cancel our June monthly meeting scheduled for Thursday June 4th.  As I previously reported the Executive Board continues to meet on a biweekly basis to conduct any business that needs attention while we await the day that we can meet again.
With New York beginning to open back up for business, we are beginning the process of returning to some tasks in the workplace that have been deferred through the last few months.  A "playbook" of sorts is being created with guidelines on what, how and when we will begin to transition back to these tasks.  Our return to some type of normalcy will be at a metered pace, so I don't expect to see any major divergence from what we are doing now too soon.  Nevertheless, a plan is needed and we are working with management to be sure this is done in a logical fashion with safety as our top priority.
I was not going to repeat my message of the last couple of emails regarding social distancing as it relates to your work-you all know that by now.  I wanted to focus on something more positive.  But with the recent turn of events that have brought about some violence nationally and locally, I want to remind you to be mindful of your situation at all times but especially now.  And for those who work alone, please do not hesitate to call for extra help if you feel it necessary.  This applies at all times, but with the disheartening turn of events lately I felt this message needed reinforcement. 

That said, our local enjoys full employment through all of this-something many other working people have not experienced.  Now if our country can heal from the wounds caused by the Coronavirus and the violence in places this last week, and above all, the division amongst people that we see in much of it-I think we are poised for better days ahead.  A page out of the playbook of the Labor Movement is in proper order-citizens uniting behind a common cause to improve their own lives, and by extension-society itself-a cause and a process proven successful.  Unity is what created the IBEW in 1891, and it is that same unity that will carry both our Union and our Country forward 129 years later with the same force and effect.