Heed All Warnings For Staying Safe

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Our local continues to be very involved with the present coronavirus situation.  Although our monthly meeting had to be canceled, the Executive Board met via conference call to conduct our normal business.  Further, the Board has decided to convene on a weekly basis in order to keep abreast of any developments while this pandemic continues.  I continue to communicate with management at all levels on any topics that require attention on a daily basis, with the first priority to ensure the safety of our membership.

I cannot urge enough the importance of taking the time to read the emails and heed the instructions from supervision on how to stay safe during this crisis.  Social distancing is critical, and you should not be violating these directives just to get a job done.  Either find a different way to do the job that doesn't require such personal proximity, and if that is not possible and it is not an emergency, then the job will have to be postponed.  If it is an emergency, then we need to be following the guidelines to limit exposure to others and use appropriate PPE if necessary.

Being that we are all essential employees by providing a critical service to the public, we will be called upon for tasks that many others would not want to do.  However, we are fortunate to have continued employment by virtue of providing such an important service-many people are in much less fortunate financial circumstances.  I am proud of the work you all do and the generosity that the IBEW membership gives to those who do not have what we have.