Working to Protect our Workforce

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

With coronavirus spreading Local 36 has been in close communication with the company to protect all of our members. Below I have provided some important information on keeping yourself safe during this challenging time. Please make sure you read this and take these safety precautions. I urge you pay close attention to the information provided by management on the latest developments, including checking email frequently for the latest updates.  Things are changing so rapidly we literally don't have time to communicate before things are implemented or they change again.  In this extraordinary event we will need to be dynamic in our response and some unusual things will certainly be taking place.  Keeping of a level head by all of us will see us through.

We have canceled the monthly union meeting scheduled for Thursday April 2nd due to this pandemic.  The Executive Board will meet during this period to conduct business and keep things running until the pandemic has passed and we can resume the monthly meetings. 

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and we will hope for better times ahead.