The Union Movement Beyond Our Own Workplace

Friday, February 14, 2020
We hope this email finds you all doing well. Below is some news from our International Union as well as from the Rochester Central Labor Council. Oftentimes, the daily grind of our everyday job blinds us from what's going on with the greater union movement beyond our own workplace. It's important that all unionists understand that we are all connected, and every fight is worthy of our thoughts, attention, and sometimes worthy of our action.
Recently, leaders from the IBEW Utility Labor Council of NYS met in Albany with all our employers, to build a coalition to take on the many changes that our industry will be faced with the implementation of renewable energy. This will be a long process and will require our attention, and most likely in the future, our actions. Renewable energy jobs should be good, high paying union jobs. As an organization, the IBEW is committed to that goal and will accept nothing less. That is why being registered to vote, being counted in the upcoming US Census and being knowledgeable on the issues is so important to our survival and prosperity. So please consider signing up for their newsletter, the Utility Labor Report, so you can be kept in the loop and get relevant energy news before the public does. Remember to continue to make safety a daily habit and look out for one another.