Retirements, Promotions, and Transitions

Friday, April 19, 2019

As some of you may have already heard via the rumor mill or from me directly, I have vacated my position as a Line Mechanic and accepted a position as the sole Electric System Specialist (ESS) in the Lakeshore Region at RG&E. 

This was an opportunity that arose due to the retirement of our former member who held that position for many years, and I chose to take that opportunity rather than pass it by.  This being the sole ESS position in the district where I reside and having been assigned for the last 17 years, I did not want to lose the opportunity.   As such, I will be working in the field in addition to executing my duties for the Local Union.  A plan has been set in place to accommodate my heftier workload so that there is no degradation in the level of service we provide to the membership.  I expect the transition will be largely transparent, with the only noticeable change being the delegation of some additional tasks to the other officers.

To assist me, I have appointed Toney Proctor and Jim Curran as Assistant Business Managers.  Both currently serve on the Executive Board in addition to this title.  They will replace the retiring Jeff Hagadorn and Craig Rode who both served in this role in addition to that of Vice President and Executive Board member, respectively.  Also, I have appointed Frank Bellavia to replace the now-retired Gary Moss as steward of the Gas Commercial/Industrial Metering group, and Scott Braun to replace the now-retired Larry Kaler in the Gas Residential Meter Operations group.  An appointment is yet to be made to fill the vacant steward's position in the Trouble, Maintenance & Repair group left by Jeff Hagadorn.


Many thanks and congratulations to those who are retired and are retiring.  Your contributions to the labor movement do not go unnoticed.  To those individuals fulfilling new responsibilities, your willingness to step up is truly appreciated.


Please note that the July and August monthly meetings have been waived for this year.  There will be no monthly meetings held in those months; the Executive Board will act on any business in the interim.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Easter.