Tell Lawmakers: Protect our Environment, Save Good Jobs

Thursday, June 1, 2017
The ULC Needs us to be vocal
IBEW Local 36 is part of the IBEW Utility Labor Council of NYS. Today, the ULC launched a campaign to urge lawmakers to keep Nuclear Power as part of the State's Clean Energy Standards (CES). Please click here to visit their website to sign onto a letter urging lawmakers to save jobs and the environment.
New York State prides itself as being a leader in energy and environmental policy. Anything but the CES is a dramatic step back on our progress made to protect good jobs and the environment. We need your help to tell our legislators to fully support the CES and allow this important, forward looking energy policy to continue. Now is the time to move aggressively toward New York's clean energy future and every New Yorker deserves clean air! Please visit the website now and take a few minutes to make your voice heard.


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